Financial Cost of a Precise Smile

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The cost of our services vary depending on a number of factors and are dependent on the severity of your dental condition. Of most importance is that you understand 1) what your dental problems are and 2) what your treatment plan entails. The first visit is complimentary. If you choose to move forward with initial diagnostic steps (CT scan, impressions, digital diagnostics), the cost is roughly $1,000. Often our patients think their dental problems are worse than they actually are — good news! This can be identified through initial diagnostic tests. In fact, our comprehensive services may not be needed and a more conventional treatment plan, with a standard dentist, is in a patient’s best interest. Precise Smile does offer 3rd party financing at excellent rates through Springstone Financial and Care-Credit.


We encourage you to check out the plans offered via Springstone and Care-Credit.
We cannot diagnose over the phone and every patient’s condition is unique. Call us to set up an initial consultation and we can discuss your dental and financial requirements.