What’s Best For Me?

Am I a Candidate For a Precise Smile?

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Our clients have great confidence in the treatment they receive. Nevertheless, not everyone is a candidate for our brand of dental implant and restorative services. We invite you to schedule a preliminary appointment to discuss your dental needs and desires. This way we can determine if Precise Smile’s restorative services are the best treatment for you. To schedule an initial appointment simply contact our office via phone or the form page on this website.

Am I a Candidate For Precise Smile’s Implant Treatment?

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Helping our clients manage their long-term dental health is a priority. While many people struggle with periodontal related complications, with today’s average life expectancy at +80 years, many people are simply outliving their teeth. Our patients range anywhere from 45 to 75 years-of-age and the number one question we’re asked is “can you fix my teeth?” The answer is “yes”. Our restorative implants go well beyond the cosmetic enhancement of a young, beautiful smile. It creates a permanent dental solution complete with the ability to eat, travel and socialize with a new freedom.

Identify The Problem & Develop a Custom Treatment Solution

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Before any treatment plan is undertaken, it’s crucial that you understand 1) exactly what your dental problems are and 2) what your treatment plan entails. It’s our job to identify and convey this to you. The good news is patients often think their problem is worse than it actually is. This can be identified through initial diagnostic tests at our office. In fact, our services may not be needed and a more conventional treatment plan, with a standard dentist, is in a patient’s best interest. Simply set up a free consultation and we can help you choose what treatment option is best for you.

Our Niche Is Full Mouth Implants

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Precise Smile intentionally focuses on providing comprehensive and complete dental implant solutions. In doing so, Precise Smile does not restore individual teeth, or groups of teeth, for these “partial” solutions are just that — partial and incomplete. Our comprehensive treatment is a permanent solution and Precise Smile has extensive experience with this advanced procedure. Precise Smile works through a network of highly skilled referring doctors to provide comprehensive dental implant and restorative care for patients. Patients referred to Precise Smile require dental care that often exceeds the services offered by general care dental practices. We have the knowledge and knowhow to tackle significant and complex dental problems.

Focusing our efforts on complex dental reconstruction means exceptional and precise solutions for our patients.