Frequently Asked Dental Implant Questions (FAQ’s)

Choosing to undergo restorative implant dentistry is an big decision. If you have any questions, feel free to ask Precise Smile’s staff. In the meantime, here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from our patients:

Q: Will the Precise Smile procedure hurt?
A: Most patients tell us that they felt no pain at all, or that only their lips were sore the following day.

In fact, many patients say the day after the Precise Smile surgery is the first day their teeth have not hurt in years.

Q: What kind of daily care is required for my Precise Smile dental implants?
A: Caring for your new set of prosthetic teeth is no different than caring for natural teeth.

Twice-a-day brushing and using a Water Pik to clean around your prosthesis is all that is required. Yearly check-ups will help ensure the long life and snug fit of your Precise Smile.

Q: Can I eat and drink whatever I want with a Precise Smile? Are there any limitations?
A: There are no limitations, you can eat all the foods you love!

Drink coffee, soda, wine or enjoy steaks, hamburgers, gum and anything else you desire. Of course, we don’t recommend chewing on ice, eating popcorn kernels or opening bottles with your teeth… the same things you don’t do with natural teeth. A Precise Smile gives you 96% of your natural teeth’s function back (healthy and functional natural teeth). Not only will you get to eat and drink whatever you want, enjoy a new level of social confidence that comes with a new, youthful smile.

Q: Do I have to travel to a far away location for the procedure?
A: Precise Smile is located in San Antonio, Texas.

Because we work with your local dentist, you never have to travel to a far-away location. Additionally, Precise Smile uses an innovative blend of dental, laser imaging, computerized manufacturing, and internet information technologies that has revolutionized the dental implant delivery. Our goal is to make the entire process as convenient and comfortable as possible. So, we have the ability to consult, administer diagnostic tests, conduct surgery and manufacture prosthetics ALL from our office. This makes complicated dental problems so much easier to deal with and eliminates the need to travel to multiple locations.

Q: How long will the implant procedure take?
A: For most patients the procedure is accomplished in one day.

You will have a beautiful, new set of teeth the day of surgery. However, the initial prosthetic teeth are intended to be temporary to allow for healing, bone and gum growth and to assess any changes in color (tooth shade) or shape. After 3-5 months, a second (permanent) set of new, custom milled upper and lower teeth are made and inserted into the prosthetic. If sinus lifts or bone grafting are necessary, an extra three to six months of healing may be needed before the final custom teeth are inserted. The initial surgery takes about six-and-one-half hours and is considered outpatient surgery.

Q: What does it take to be evaluated for this procedure?
A: If you are interested in our services, please call us.

We will set up an introductory meeting with our staff and Dr. Stephen Schmitt. After discussing your dental needs and desires, if you choose to move forward, Precise Smile staff will take upper and lower impressions for dental models. Additionally, a quick dental scan (CBCT) is required. The scan determines the amount of bone remaining in your jaw, where your mandibular nerve is located and where your new teeth will be inserted. This is needed for both esthetics and function. The total time involved for this comprehensive exam is approximately 45 minutes to an hour. Following the exam we will be able to tell you if you are a candidate for our Precise Smile services.

Q: How is my dentist involved in this procedure? Do I continue to go to my general / referring dentist?
A: Precise Smile works closely with your general dentist.

Think of Precise Smile as a specialist whose skills and services are honed to handle very specific conditions and treatments. Just as your primary care physician might refer you to a heart or lung specialist, your general care dentist may refer you to a dental prosthetics specialist (prosthodontics, periodontics, maxillofacial specialist) for treatment. You will continue to be treated by your referring dentist, for follow on cleanings, and Precise Smile will keep your dentist informed of your progress. Every 6-months patients undergo regular cleaning / check-ups. The 6-month appointment will alternate between your referring dentist and Precise Smile specialists. These few appointments will ensure the snug fit and long life of your Precise Smile. Just like a car needs general maintenance (tires, oil change, occasional tune-up) so does your Precise Smile prosthetics and implants.

Q: What if I don’t have a general / referring dentist?
A: If you do not have a general dentist, or currently have a dental appliance that is unsatisfactory, you are welcome to set up an appointment for a Precise Smile consultation.

The specialists at Precise Smile will determine if the procedure is the best dental solution for you. If comprehensive dental implant treatment is not the best solution, we will put you in contact with a general dentist that can care for your dental needs.

Q: What makes Precise Smile’s niche care different than other practices that offer dental implant treatments?

A: Our Niche Care. Precise Smile intentionally focuses on providing comprehensive and complete implant solutions.
In doing so, unlike many practices, Precise Smile does not restore individual teeth, or groups of teeth, for “partial” solutions tend to be just that — partial and incomplete. Our comprehensive, full-mouth treatment is a permanent solution and Precise Smile has extensive experience with this advanced procedure. Focusing our efforts on complex dental reconstruction means exceptional and precise solutions for our patients. Consequently, our clients go into surgery trusting Dr. Schmitt with their smile and knowing that their new teeth will look and function better than they could have every imagined.

Q: What makes Precise Smile’s doctors different than other practices that offer implant treatments?

A: We work closely with referring doctors. Precise Smile works through a network of highly skilled referring doctors to provide comprehensive dental implant and restorative care for patients.
We work closely with referring dentist to tackle complex dental problems. Once the treatment is complete, you are released back to your general care dentist, but will visit Precise Smile for occasional check-ups. Just as your primary care physician may refer you to a heart specialist, your dentist may refer you to a prosthodontist (implant specialist). It is in your best interest for both dentists to communicate and work together, not just short term, but for your sustained, long-term dental health.

Q: What makes Precise Smile’s private practice different than other corporate practices that offer dental implant treatments?

We are privately owned and Board Certified. Be aware that many corporate owned dental implant practices are not as focused on long-term, comprehensive care.

Precise Smile is a locally owned practice in San Antonio and offers concierge dental care. We are not a franchised corporate chain. We do NOT charge by the hour or by the amount of time that you are seen by the doctor, as many practices do. Developing strong and trusting relationships goes to the core of what we do. While the dramatic effects of your new teeth will be immediately evident, we are also focused on the long term functionality, sustainability and health of your dental implants. The quality of care you will receive from Precise Smile is unparalleled in the restorative dental implant marketplace.

The staff at Precise Smile is Board Certified in prosthodontics, periodontics and oral maxillofacial surgery.
This is not the case for many practices that provide dental implant solutions. Always ask if the dentist providing restorative implants has these qualifications needed for this higher level of dental care.

Q: When comparing prostheodontists, what do I need to be aware of?
A: In addition to having all the proper medical accreditations, degrees and experience, keep the following in mind: Other practices may be less expensive, but the quality of care and materials may be a factor.

Some facilities provide “permanent” teeth, but they are similar to the temporary teeth Precise Smile uses in treatment. Instead of the highest quality titanium hybrid prosthetics, some practices use plastic, charge by the hour or do not provide the same level of follow-up care. Furthermore, some practices have “one size fits all” approach to treatment. Ultimately, this does not give you the best return or value on your investment. In fact, it increases the likelihood of future complications and costs down the road.

Q: How much does the procedure cost?
A: The cost of our services vary depending on a number of factors and are dependent on the severity of your dental condition.

Of most importance is that you understand 1) what your dental problems are and 2) what your treatment plan entails. The first visit is complimentary. If you choose to move forward with initial diagnostic steps (CT scan, impressions, digital diagnostics), the cost is roughly $1,000 for the initial tests. Often our patients think their dental problems are worse than they actually are — good news! This can be identified through initial diagnostics. In fact, our comprehensive services may not be needed and a more conventional treatment plan, with a standard dentist, is in a patient’s best interest. We cannot diagnose over the phone and every patient is unique. Call us to set up an initial consultation so we can discuss your dental and financial requirements.

Q: Does a Precise Smile prevent future complications and costs? Actually save money down the road?
A: As you know, the cost of partially “fixing” your dental problems, little-by-little, through the years add up.

Before our treatment, most of our patients dreaded going to the dentist knowing that it would just be more “bad news” and discomfort. After undergoing a Precise Smile, these same patients actually look forward to their checkups and cleanings. They now have an easy to manage dental program for the rest of their life. The incremental, long-term cost of continually fixing their most immediate dental problem is eliminated. Instead, a long term and easy to manage dental care program begins.